A New Approach to Building Loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value

Coherent Path is a Loyalty Analytics and Personalization Platform that maps the journeys customers take through transactional spaces in order to optimize engagement around long-term business objectives. 

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Coherent Path applies advanced mathematical concepts to understand product and transactional spaces and customer behavior. As a result, retailers can move beyond traditional statistical approaches that focus on the next step and tune engagement to each customer's unique and ever-changing journey. 

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Coherent Path uses patent-pending innovations in analytics and geometry to help companies build relationships with their customers that are focused on maximizing the long-term value of each customer. Download the data sheet to learn about this unique approach.

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Coherent Path co-founders James Glover and Greg Leibon discuss why the Map is the key to personalized customer engagement. Learn how you can build a map of product and transactional data and optimize promotional and engagement efforts around each customer's unique journey.

Build the Map, then Take the Journey

After Coherent Path builds a map of the product and transactional space, retailers can tune personalized engagement and promotion efforts to each customer's journey and directly tie marketing programs to metrics like loyalty, churn and customer lifetime value. This is in stark contrast to traditional tools that focus only on the next step, the next item to promote or recommend. The Coherent Path approach enables exciting new opportunities, including the ability to:

Identify which sequence of offers will increase loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value

Predict which customers are in danger of attrition, and the customer-specific actions that can be taken

Automate the personalization of websites, emails and other touch points with the content most likely to resonate